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Toughing it Out

Almost every business conversation I have these days, whether with peers in the industry, with our clients, with Eagle's own staff or with suppliers, comes back to how tough things are.

For many people they have seen their friends laid off, they are asked to work harder, there is less business coming in and they are tired, they are discouraged, they are afraid and they are frustrated.

Often these are business leaders ... executives and managers who not only need to keep themselves positive, but they also need to motivate their people.

Some thoughts ...

1. It WILL get better ... it always does, and there are plenty of signs that is starting to happen.
2. Not EVERYTHING is negative ... so look for the positives in life and try to give that more focus than the negatives.
3. Make plans and set goals ... even if they are very short term and even if they are relatively easy to reach. Achieving goals just FEELS good.
4. Remember to be good to yourself ... give yourself the little treats.
5. Put in a little more effort than you would under normal circumstances ... and make sure it is productive time. At the end of each day you should feel you really earned your keep ... as opposed to just putting in time!
6. Smile.
7. Be nice to everyone around you ... just take a few minutes EVERY day to be nice to a few people, and spread it around. Buy the coffee, tell a joke, ask how they are doing etc.
8. Plan for the recovery ... be ready to take advantage when it does come back.
9. Communicate a lot ... not all emails either!
10. Only allow yourself to think positive thoughts!

Walk fast and smile!