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Are You Still Alive?

I had to post this one ...Kit Grant is one of those irreverent, interesting and entertaining speakers who has a way of getting your attention. We have had him speak to the Eagle team and he has talked at our industry association conference.

Kit also has a newsletter to which you should subscribe ... just go to his website.

The following is from Kit's latest thought provoking email ...

"A lot of people die at forty but are not buried until thirty years later." ... General George Patton.

I've met lots of people who are dead but haven't left yet!

They no longer have any dreams, wouldn't think of setting goals in case they might fail, don't like the "rotten deal" they have somehow been dealt by circumstances beyond their control and really expect government to develop regulations and policies that can ensure their miserable existence.

They're lots of fun to hang around (ho, ho) and have succeeded in absolving themselves of any responsibility for the results they get.

Sound like anyone you know?

The only person in charge of you is you and when you surrender that huge responsibility to outside forces or groups you will enter the world of chronic complainers and, in time, become one of them.

Watch what you say, what you do and who you hang around with. If you see or hear stuff you don't like, have a talk with the person in the mirror and get out of your own rut!