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As a business owner I have gained some insight into the world of entrepreneurship. The thing that defines the entrepreneurial spirit to me is the willingness to make it happen no matter what!

The obstacles will inevitably be there ... no matter what line of business.

There will always be easier paths in life.

Yet those entrepreneurs choose to battle the obstacles, to shun the easy path, to take risk and to chase their dream.

I talked with a friend today who is launching a new business. It's a start-up as opposed to buying a business, it's a consumer type business rather than a business to business entity; it's a service business but not an hourly paid consulting business. There is demand, she has done her homework and she has that determination to get it going. She arranged financing (verbally), lined up partners, has her concept ready to roll, found and signed up for the space. NOW the bank is having second thoughts about the financing ... not back before the commitments were made and not prior to her spending money. For me this is exactly what entrepreneurs face ALL the time, faceless bureaucratic paper pushers who have no idea about the impact of their decisions or non-decisions.

Entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of our economy, the people who take the risks and create companies that provide employment. They typically don't go cap in hand to the government for "bail out packages", for "stimulus packages" or even just to get business. It is REALLY hard to win government business ... it takes a long investment of time and a good deal of knowledge, so it is very difficult for a start--up to get government business.

Over my years in business I have seen these issues personally, and could tell many personal horror stories of red tape run amok, and systems designed to stop people from running businesses. I have met lots of entrepreneurs with the same experiences.

People who start and run businesses might get some success, but there are more who fail than make it ... and if they make it, they earned it!

So ... hug an entrepreneur today!