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The Power of Thinking Positive!

I wrote a blog entry a few days ago called And We Thought IT Project Management was Bad… the purpose of which was to highlight some areas where obvious gains could be made in the construction industry.

I had a few people comment to me personally that it sounded like things were a little tense around my moving into a new apartment. That made me stop and think a little.

Yes … there have been some issues but that is generally expected.
Yes … our focus with the apartment has been more on getting the issues fixed than on enjoying all of the positive aspects of our new home.
Yes … in retrospect, when I re-read my earlier blog I could see there was some “emotion” showing through!

I am generally one of the most positive people I know … and its something I work at! Some people, and I’m one of them, are naturally predisposed to be positive but everyone can fall into a “funk”. So … it is important to actually WORK at being positive.

In this particular case my focus has been on the negative aspects of my new home, and in the current stage of the project that is taking up a lot of “mind space”. The problem is that the associated negativity will spill over into other areas of my life , and if I’m not careful I may be taking my frustrations about a home project out on people at work. Not good!

So … back to the title of this blog entry. The mind is incredibly powerful and most of the time we operate in an automatic manner …. we are who we are. Sometime we need to influence that “attitude” to ensure that we are staying positive, and not getting “down”.

So added to my “To Do” list for today is the creation of a list of all the positive, wonderful, joyful things associated with my new home … such as the 10 minute WALK to work, or the fantastic view of the Parliament Buildings, Ottawa River and Gatineau Hills from the 18thfloor. it shouldn’t take long for me to chase those negative thoughts out of the brain!

I wrote a blog entry a little while ago called Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff… and really unless we are talking health, life and death its ALL small stuff! The theme was similar and I suggested that we should CHOOSE to be happy. Read it!

Of course just to make sure I’m definitely on track for a positive experience I’ll subscribe to my personal theory and Walk Fast and Smile!!!