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Vacation ... Time to Recharge the Batteries!

I have owned my own business for almost thirteen years, and certainly this past year has been one of the toughest! The poor economy has meant less business, more competition and less room for error. Almost all clients have cut back on their spend, reduced headcount and squeezed their suppliers to the limit.

Its the kind of pressure cooker environment every business owner has been facing … reducing costs, keeping staff motivated and developing strategies that will (a) ensure survival but (b) position for improved success as the economy turns.

In this kind of environment anyone in the private sector who is lucky enough to still be working is feeling the stress … whether you are worried about your job, being asked to work harder or having your income reduced!

Even in times like this, and perhaps especially in times like this it is important to take a break from work. The constant pressure has a cumulative effect and over time it will cause issues … physical health problems in addition to reduced tolerance and a couple of the obvious ones. These in turn will affect your relationships (in and out of work) which will just add to the pressure!

So … I am heading out on vacation this week. I will be in the UK for a little more than a week, spending time with my family and enjoying (hopefully) a week without the constant worries of the office.

I thought I would do a little internet research into advice about the benefits of holidays and came up with a fairly consistent set of messages.

Perhaps one of the better articles is called 7 Great Benefits of Taking a Vacation.

There was another article called the Health Benefits of Taking a Vacation.

I even blogged about the Importance of Rest and Recuperation myself back in December 2006, when I was heading out for a mini-break!.

I know that I am fortunate to be able to travel to the UK, and not everyone can afford that but most people can afford to have some kind of a break even if it is getting away camping at a local park. We all need that separation from work sometimes, and I for one will benefit from a week away!

Don’t forget you only live once, so look after yourself. If you don’t, then who will?