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Why I am Proud to Work in the Staffing Industry!

I will often talk about the value that the Staffing Industry brings to the Canadian economy, in fact ALL economies. In a January blog entry called the Staffing Industry I pulled together links to several pieces I had written about our value proposition, statistics and facts about our industry and about the industry association.

People who work in our industry for any length of time do get passionate about it and there are few more passionate than our current Industry Association (ACSESS) President, Steve Jones.

At the annual industry association conference in Montreal this year he gave a rousing speech about our industry ... the salient points of which are below. Everything that he says is true and he paints an eloquent picture of our industry, far better than I could.

Consider these points that he made.....

  • We are the single largest employment pipeline for job seekers, job changers, up graders, new immigrants, new entrants, students and career changers.

  • Last year, our industry provided hundreds of thousands of Canadians with opportunities for full time careers, contract work and temporary employment.

  • We make the process of job finding, job changing and upgrading easier, quicker and more effective. When a candidate makes one contact with a staffing company they enhance their network through us, to our clients and employers by dozens -- even hundreds.

  • We can take credit for removing barriers that job seekers might otherwise experience.

  • We create and provide access to employment opportunities giving people the dignity and respect that they deserve.

  • We lead all industries in foreign skill assessment and recognition of foreign experience.

  • We are the buffer between unsuspecting workers and unsafe workplaces. Our safety programs, education, communication, worksite inspection and operational standards ensure that workers are assigned to safe work environments. We play a vital role in the reduction of workplace lost time injuries, illnesses and fatalities. For example, empirical data in Ontario proved that we lead all industry groups in the reduction of lost time injuries.

  • We help people and businesses to make the right fit, enhancing productivity, improving employment longevity while contributing to employee satisfaction.

  • We are an ombudsman, agent and filter between employers and potential future employees. We protect their rights and help them achieve their career objectives.

  • We provide income and income security for people who need it the most. When a man or women needs income for a short term to pay rent, or feed a child then temporary help will provide a lifeline for a day, a week or a month.

  • We help doctors, nurses, lawyers, engineers, IT professionals, accountants, administrators, drivers and labourers. We help executives and students, new immigrants, return to work moms, injured workers and the semi-retired. Every Canadian has the opportunity to benefit from our services.

  • Every day, we make a meaningful difference in the lives of the people we serve. Simply put, we help people! We give people dignity. We contribute to their happiness while we deliver the right people that employers need to succeed.

Steve's closing words - "I am proud to be a friend to so many industry colleagues. I am proud of what we do. I am especially proud to be the President of ACSESS because of all that ACSESS does and all we represent. I know that we share this pride. So please, go out and tell the world your proud story. You deserve the recognition".