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You have to love the internet ... it provides us with information about almost anything you could want. If in doubt "Google it"!

Here in "blogosphere" we also have the ability to voice opinions and I guess some bloggers will create an appearance on anonymity when they make their opinions public ... which, it appears, can occasionally backfire.

The latest case making the rounds was the Canadian fashion model Liskula Cohen, who was apparently accused of being a "skank" and a "ho" by an anonymous blogger.

Ms Cohen took exception (and who could blame her), sued Google to reveal the name of the blogger and won her case. I happen to think that was the right answer ... but of course everyone is entitled to their opinion (I just air my opinions in the open).

Google revealed that the blogger was Rosemary Port, a 29 year old student of Fashion ... I guess I could make a comment about why she might still be a student at 29, but I might invite a lawsuit.

Ms Port took exception to the fact that Google complied with a court order and revealed her name ... and now people know it was her who said all the nasty stuff! How fair is that? Not good at all according to Rosemary, who is suing Google for $15 million!

I suppose if you are a 29 year old student then $15 million might seem like a good amount to set yourself up for life.

I suppose that if a lawyer is willing to take the case on for a piece of the action you have nothing to lose.

However what a total waste of court time, of the energy of Google's lawyers, of everybody involved. If you call people names and get "outted" too bad. I don't expect anyone tied her fingers to the keyboard (not sure how you would do that) and made her type that stuff. Get over it!

So ... if you want to post an anonymous comment about this entry feel free. I won't get a court order to find out who you are :-)

However if you want to start a blog and call people names then you probably should just do it in the open ... or think again and not do it at all.