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Experience has always been something to value ... but there are lessons to learn along the way to gaining that experience.

1. We are creatures of habit and breaking habits is very difficult! If you want to use experience to your advantage then one of the first things you need to do is embrace change!
2. Lessons happen all the time ... one theory is that the more times you have those lessons the more you learn, hence experience. IF you don't really LEARN from those lessons then experience is really just "time in"!
3. The world is FULL of people who have lots of "time in" ... but "experienced" people are not quite so plentiful, and they bring value.
4. You can be very experienced at your role, but when you move to a new role the value of your experience is much reduced. This is particularly true when you move into management and executive roles ... the thought process at the higher levels requires a much broader view!

In his book Outliers one of the underpinning suggestions from Malcolm Gladwell is that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become an expert in anything. (Read the book its worth it!) 10,000 hours approximates to about 5 years of pretty long hours on a job. The "operative" word here is PRACTICE ... just "doing it" isn't enough. You need to PRACTICE your craft every day!

So ... what does all of this mean.

1. If you are performing your job on automatic pilot then you are not learning and growing, and nor are you adding to your experience. It might even be suggested that you are going backwards ... because everything changes in this world.
2. Experience is something to be valued ... by an employer or a client and even by yourself, because experience is something to be proud of.
3. Just because you are old, or because you have been doing something a long time it does not mean you are experienced.

What can you do?

1. Go to your job tomorrow and look at everything with new eyes ... pretend its your first day on the job.
2. Find ways to get excited about your job.
3. Find ways to improve your job.
4. Engage your brain and challenge yourself.


1. You owe it to the person who is paying your salary.
2. You owe it to yourself ... you will definitely enjoy life more!
3. You are improving your worth and gaining EXPERIENCE ... a valuable commodity!