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Goal Time!

OK ... I'm nagging again.

When is the last time you set some goals? When is the last time you measured your performance against goals?

Do you have a goal for your career? It doesn't have to be a long term goal, it could be as simple as mastering a new skill, or achieving your next level of promotion.

Do you have a goal for your health? It could be about giving up a bad habit, or creating a new one. Maybe adding some exercise ... walking after supper instead of watching TV, or it could be more adventurous like completing your first marathon!

Do you have a goal for your leisure time? It might be a vacation you would like to take, or a new hobby you want to start.

The thing about goals is that they give you something to "go for".

Once you have that you can put a plan in place to reach your goal.

Setting and meeting goals is a very satisfying feeling and once you have achieved a few you begin to understand that saying ... you can achieve anything you set your mind at!

I have written about goals many time ... here are a couple of blog entries to check out.

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Good Luck!