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The Sony EReader .. very cool!

This isn't a book review ... but it is a "book reader" review! I will state up front I am not being paid for this!

I recently bought a Sony Ereader ... I have to admit that I was the second person in our house to own one, my wife bought hers a couple of days before me. We researched what was available and the major competition (Amazon's Kindle) is not available in Canada, however its proprietary nature means we would likely have settled on the Sony anyway.

I like to read ... typically I choose to read novels, but I also end up reading a fair bit of business literature too. Since buying this ereader my book consumption has increased a lot ... a good thing!

I subscribe to Executive Book Summaries and every month receive another two or three 8-page book summaries, but sometimes it can be months before I actually play "catch up" with those. Thus I can end up with a file full of paper in my briefcase that invariably gets carried around with me from city to city. Not any more ... I just load them on the EReader.

My modus operandi for reading novels was to read a bit each night before bed, and it might take me quite a while to get through a book. When on vacation I would read a couple or three books in a week.

The convenience of the ereader has me reading a lot more ... if I have a few minutes of down time in the evening I am reading again. In the time I have had the device I have read two novels, in just a couple of weeks. Which is a big increase in my reading again.

It can hold 150 books which means there are always plenty available to read, no more running out of reading material while on vacation in a foreign country or while on a several hour flight!

I thought I would miss the familiarity of reading an actual book, but not at all! The ereader is compact and easy to hold/read. In fact I find it easier than a substantial novel when reading in bed!

I wondered if the print would be easy to read ... it has 3 different sizes of print and I was even able to read while exercising this morning ... something I usually can't do!

I was curious about the battery life and how is it charged ... a charge can last up to a week and it is a standard USB connection to your computer.

So I am very pleased with this purchase ... this is a thumbs up for the Sony Ereader.

Check them out!