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What makes you smile?

Almost three years ago i wrote a blog entry called Smile ... its contagious. In this last year there have been plenty of reasons NOT to smile ... the economy has been dire around the globe, we have seen major shifts in weather patterns and the onset of yet another potential pandemic, swine flu.

The hectic pace of the 21st century means that we are all working harder, under more pressure and just a little more serious than we used to be!

Of course these are the very reasons why we NEED to find reasons to smile! Three years ago I suggested that the world would be a better place if we all just smiled more ... and that is still true.

One of my favorite sayings is Walk Fast and Smile ... which suggests that the most important things we can focus on are energy/drive and attitude!

So ... if you buy into my theory, then you need to find reasons to smile. Here are just a few of the MANY things that make me smile ... maybe you can add your own list:

1. A puppy or kitten playing.
2. A cute child.
3. An unsolicited smile from a stranger.
4. A bright sunny day.
5. Riding my motorbike.
6. A great workout.
7. Success ... when a plan comes together.
8. Seeing others succeed when they have EARNED it!
9. Nice memories.
10. My family.

I could probably go on and on ... spectacular scenery, a glimpse of nature, music, a good book and so many more things can make me smile.

I smile a lot, and I try to appreciate ALL of the things that make me smile. If you can find more reasons to smile it will make you feel happier ... try it!