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Opportunities After Recession!

After one of the toughest economic years in a long time, there seems to be a consistency in the message that, "the recession is over".

Businesspeople everywhere have been hunkered down, preserving capital, cutting costs, avoiding risk and generally in survival mode. That was the right thing to do ... but it comes with a bunch of baggage.

All parts of our life are connected ... if we change the way that we are thinking and behaving in our professional lives it will have an impact at home. We all have a tendency to "get in a groove" ... the recession gave us little choice about getting into survival mode. I know I have been just a little "grumpier", a little more stressed, probably not as much fun as I would like to be!

The end of the recession offers us the opportunity to take a much more positive approach to life and that will be good at home as well as at work!

One problem is that while the recession was the "driver" that got us into survival mode, there is no equally compelling motivator for getting us to grow ... so we need to make that call for ourselves!

What can you do?

Companies need their leaders to force change ... to lead their teams into a different way of thinking.

That doesn't mean spend like drunken sailors, it doesn't even mean forget about all the good "cost containment" behaviors that have been developed over the past year.

It does mean strategic planning, looking for ways to grow, looking for ways to innovate and looking for opportunities created in a market about to burst open! It does mean beating your competition out of the gate and positioning new offerings, attacking new markets and perhaps even executing acquisition strategies while the opportunities exist.

Individuals have been in job preservation mode, avoiding the next round of layoffs and keeping their heads down. Now there is an opportunity for people to "ride the wave" of a new economic cycle, enjoy the thrill of success and growth ... if they are willing to roll their sleeves up and make it happen.

This can be an exciting time ... it can also be a scary time. OR it can be a non-event.

Are you ready to "go for it"?