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The Importance of Community

Community is a BIG word. It can mean the place that you live, it can mean a group of like minded individuals, it can mean a set of people with common goals, it can mean a group of companies in the same industry ... whatever way you look at it there is an importance to communities.

You may not spend a lot of time interacting with your neighbours ... but you are probably interested in preserving the positive aspects of where you live, and perhaps improving them.

You may not spend much time working on making your industry a more professional, better known and positive influence ... but you certainly benefit from the work others do in that area.

You may not think much about the businesses in your "community" but generally they employ people, they pay taxes, they contribute to charities and they play a part in making a community what it is.

Some businesses and some individuals don't give a lot of thought to contributing to their community ... and that is a shame. It is a shame for the community, because those businesses and individuals gain from the community and are not "doing their bit" to help out.

At its basic level the community is vital to all of us, and in my mind we should all "do our bit" for the community. If everyone did what they could, this would be a better world.

Is your company doing the things a good corporate citizen should do ... whether the company is a one man company or a multi-national, everyone can do something.

What are you doing for your community?