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Volunteering & Business Etiquette

Sometimes volunteering can be frustrating ... like many business owners I volunteer a fair bit of my time to my industry association, to various charitable organizations and to help out people who ask me for help.

I do it for lots of reasons ... nobody forces me to do it. I could just focus entirely on my business and that would probably translate into growth.

I do it because I really believe it is my duty to give back.
I do it because I believe I can make a difference.
I do it because it needs doing ... and if I don't do it then who will?
I do it because I get some personal satisfaction from doing it.
I do it because I also believe that it makes me a better person.
I do it because the people who also volunteer are fantastic people who I am proud to work with.

I try very hard not to get too "bent out of shape" by all of the people who just go along for the ride. I do resent at some level those people who have the capacity to "give" but who choose not to, especially when they benefit from the work I do.

Resentment creates negative energy and I work hard to just let that go ... but every so often I let it get to me. I devote hours and hours every month to my industry association ... I can ignore the fact that many business leaders in our industry won't make time to help out, but it really "burns me" when they can't be courteous enough to return phone calls repeatedly!

There ... now I feel better! Maybe I'll publish names next time.