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Change ... and YOU!

I often talk about CHANGE ... the pace of change, our ability to adapt to change, the pressures of change, the need to embrace change.

Often I know that I am talking, but people are not hearing.

I know that people will read this blog entry and most will just skim it, or dismiss it, or chalk it up to one more of those CHANGE discussions. People are always talking about it and of course "it is what it is".

Most people will take the course of least resistance ... sure they will moan and complain that the "new way of doing things sucks", or "what was wrong with things the way they were?" etc. but in the end they will feel powerless and just accept their fate.

The changes may be nuisance changes ... the bus timetable changes, making it more awkward to get to school; the local store is no longer available so you have to buy from the big store a few blocks away; the airline forces you to do stuff online yourself when you used to call an agent.

The changes can also be bigger things ... that corner store gets put out of business by the big box store so a business owner loses their business and possibly life savings and employees lose their jobs. The local school shuts down and now your child has to bus several miles away to a BIG school with lots of potential bad influences.

Then there are the really big changes, or global change ... and that has a huge impact on all of us. The impact of changes in our environment affect and will affect all of us ... global warming, more turbulent storms, changing weather patterns, floods, fires etc. The changes in a global economy affect all of us ... we see local companies go out of business as cheaper solutions emerge in less expensive countries. The changes in communications are GLOBAL ... we are able to see what is happening around the world instantaneously, we can communicate with people around the world as though they are next door, and individuals and companies are able to forge new relationships more effectively than ever before.

The changes that are happening are here and now ... and you can be very sure that more will come.

How we react to these changes will determine our success, our happiness, our effectiveness and our relevance.

There will be the negative influence:

> They will complain and wish for "the old days".
> They will try to legislate to stop progress.
> They will use half-truths and slanted arguments to fight against change.
> They will rally "the masses" with a call to defeat the nasty "change architects".

Well ... change will happen anyway and the negative influence will need to catch up later or remain irrelevant.

There will also be those who are positive about change.

> They will educate themselves and stay current with their options.
> They will find ways to understand the changes and figure out how they harness it.
> They will remain positive, enjoying the ride and not bemoaning their fate.
> They will outperform their colleagues and their competitors.

We all have options about how we approach life, about what we will do with our lives, about our attitude in general.

How will you react as your world changes? Because it will ... and it is!