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Keep people "in the loop"

You know what it is like ... you are expecting your trades person to get back to you with a schedule and you have to call them. You are waiting for word on an interview and nobody calls. You are sitting in limbo waiting for test results ... and weeks later you get the answer.

"We would have called you if there was anything to say" ... is a typical answer.

"You could have called if you were anxious" ... might be another answer.

So ... why is it that the people with the knowledge rarely think to "keep you in the loop"?

Just a quick message relieves so much stress. Perhaps something like "no word yet, I expect I'll hear in a couple of days", or "got the results ... you passed/everything is good ... will send details later".

To the person waiting ... there is anxiety, they are unsure of the process or it is something they don't do often ... and the answer means a lot to them.

To the person doing the job ... it is routine, the process is the process, the information will get there when it does.

What a GREAT way to differentiate yourself!

Put yourself in the shoes of the person waiting. How would you like to be treated if you were them?

Think about all of the people with a query about their pay, their health, their family, their application, their potential award ... these are super important things to them. They get anxious when they don't hear back quickly, they get frustrated with the seeming (actual?) lack of caring.

If you can empathize with these people, keep them informed through the process, let them know you care ... then you will stand out from the crowd. Even more important, is that you will be treating them the way they deserve to be treated!