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On the Brink of Out of Control

One of the topics that I like to talk about is "time management" or what might be better termed "personal productivity". Whenever I am asked about why I might have enjoyed some success I will always mention "time management" and my desire to be as productive as I possibly can be.

As a sales person I always used to use the analogy of having as many "balls in the air" as possible, without dropping any. What I meant by that was for each ball there might be a series of activities ... or for each sales situation there were tasks to be completed and the more "momentum" I could produce in each sales situation, the busier I got and the more success I enjoyed.

I also described this "sensation' as being on the brink of out of control. So busy that it was almost impossible to get everything done ... with the "operative" word being ALMOST.

When I am in this state I find that my mind is sharp, I get a lot of things done and I am forced to be organized. It is almost a self-fulfilling state. I am so busy that I need to be organized, which means that I get a lot done which means I can be successful which gives me more to do!

I think it can be described as like a "runners high" ... a state that runners can get into where they feel they could run forever.

Its probably not a technique of "time management" that would be espoused by any of the gurus ... get to the point of "out of control" and keep running so hard that if anything drops you are going to collapse!

Maybe I should invent this new method of achieving success!

Underlying this theory is a need for good basic systems for being organized. You need to work at the tools that keep you organized, whether they are processes, electronic tools or pen and paper. There are things that work for you ... but you also need to keep growing and learning about this subject throughout your career. What works in this role today, will not be as effective in your next role tomorrow.

Here are a couple of my blog entries on this topic of personal productivity ... Busy, Busy, Busy which I wrote in August 2008. This entry also links to a number of time management blog entries I have done.

Another entry ( I guess my creativity was low) was called What a week ... busy, busy, busy! This entry compared the level of busy I was experiencing as the CEO of a small company to how it must be to run a huge organization!