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This IS the 21st Century

When I was young the concept of the 21st Century was something so far in the future that it was almost impossible to have a clear vision of what it might look like.

There were schools of thought that believed flying cars would be common place ... perhaps even the commuter vehicle of choice.

There were those who foresaw a world where the 3 day work week was common ... that emerging industries would be the leisure industry and anything to do with helping people to make maximum use of all that free time.

Some people thought that advances in medicine would have eradicated most disease and we would all be living longer, and healthier ... perhaps well past 100 years being routine.

That world we imagined and dreamed about did not quite materialize the way it was envisioned, but we have made incredible strides over the last 50 years.

Computers are an obvious target to look at for advances. The power in my iPhone IS almost sci-fi-like if I compare to the first "transportable" mobile phone I owned just about 20 years ago. I started in the computer industry about 30 years ago using punched cards on a mainframe computer ... my laptop is probably infinitely more powerful than that mainframe. Computers exist in everything these days.

Advances in the medical field might not have reached the levels dreamed of ... but there have been huge strides forward and innovation happens at such a pace in this world that anything seems possible. What used to be open heart surgery just a few years back is now a keyhole type surgery meaning faster procedures, better results and easier recovery.

Our society has had huge leaps forward ... with advances in the global economy, in the emergence of more super powers in the economy, a move away from nuclear threats and a more tolerant inclusive society.

So ... HOW in this 21st Century are there still rednecks demonstrating racial intolerance? It is much more rare than previous generations, but they are still out there. Don't accept it ... let's stop this behaviour.

I like our 21st century ... let's drag the rednecks into it!