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Bill 168 -- More Good Intentions but Idiotic Law from McGuinty and Co

I feel like a broken record ... I find it hard to believe that this government in Ontario can be so far removed from reality, and yet they continue to demonstrate that very fact.

Everyone in the world knows my views about Bill 139 and the tremendous harm that McGuinty's Ontario government has done to the staffing industry. In a nutshell they make the classic mistake of identifying a few problems and addressing them by wholesale changes that cause more harm than good!

On that note this same government, led by the same minister (Minister Fonseca) have just passed Bill 168 through second reading. Just like Bill 139 the underlying issue is one that no-one could argue with ... to prevent workplace violence. Once again the government focuses in on a tiny population of problems and tries to legislate change to fix it.

The government's answer ... make the problems that individuals have in their home life the problem of their employer. Let's avoid the issues of Privacy legislation or even the issues of Human Rights for the moment ... because the conflicts caused between these three competing needs place employers in a no-win situation.

For now let's just look at the practicalities. If this law comes to pass then as an employer I am now responsible should a disgruntled spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend somehow come into one of my offices and hurt their partner. I may not know anything about the situation ... but its my problem. What if they get attacked leaving the office, or on their way in ... am I also responsible?

How do I prevent this from happening? Do I post guards at all entrances to our offices, and provide escorts to everyone coming and going?

What happens if I "think" there may be a problem ... I am required to report it. What about the potentially innocent person I am identifying as a potential attacker? Isn't this a little like Hitler's Germany ... report anyone who might not support the Fuhrer! Or maybe its akin to the workings of any despotic country where people are identified as "potential risks" ... will the government spirit them away to interrogate them?

What is the worst scenario were to happen? What if one of my staff were to be killed at the office? Will I be jailed and the company opened up to lawsuit, and probably bankruptcy from such a case? Does all of this help anyone?

Our elected leaders in Ontario seem to lack any degree of "common sense" when it comes to governing our province. Bill 139 was bad news, HST will be more bad news and Bill 168 is just another example of how far out to lunch these guys are.

I am one CEO who used to just go with the flow ... not any more. We need this current administration to change or they are going to bankrupt all of us!