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Movember ... Can you spare a loonie?

This year was the first time that I had ever heard about Movember ... and I don't feel too bad about that because I have encountered very few people who have heard of this worldwide phenomena.

Movember is a worldwide, month long event designed to raise money and awareness for prostate cancer ... prostate cancer, incidentally is the most common form of cancer in Canadian men. It was started in Australia in 2003, and now Canada is one of the more active countries.

Participants in Movember can spend the month on November growing a moustache (mo), or raising funds for the moustache growers! At the end of the month there are gala parties to celebrate the cause and to award prizes to the participants, who are supposed to dress up to match their moustache!

As a first year participant and not a very hairy person I wasn't sure what result I would get ... and I also wasn't really ready for how annoying it is to have a bunch of hair on your upper lip! I am still not used to seeing myself in the mirror sporting a moustache, and occasionally shock myself ... still! There have been the usual light hearted comments about my new look ... and when people don't know about Movember they are never quite sure what to say!

Some moustache growers I have met actually like their new look ... most, like me, can't wait to shave the thing off!

So far I have raised a little more than $700 for charity and I am "grinning and bearing" the abuse, the uncomfortableness and the occasional scary look in a mirror because it is for a good cause. As we come down to the short strokes I'm looking forward to getting rid of it, but will of course hang in there to the bitter end ... if you feel like contributing a few dollars to the cause it will always be appreciated :-)