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The Easy Life ... Be Careful What You Ask For!

I think that we human beings are by nature a strange bunch (and I certainly don’t eliminate myself from that thought) … we tend to wish for an easy life, and yet it is adversity and challenge that makes us grow.


In the same way that muscles need to be worked in order to get bigger and stronger …  our personal development comes through hard work and effort.

We grow our intellect by learning … we challenge our brains, read, absorb and expand our knowledge base with the effort of learning. We need to devote time and commit to that learning to achieve growth, but from that growth we also derive satisfaction.

We grow our careers in the same way. We learn, we invest and we overcome the tough challenges we face … and as we climb through various levels of responsibility we have different experiences, the culmination of which is our career achievement. Those people who want achieve career success take pleasure from those achievements and recognize the effort it took to “get there”.

We grow our relationships in the same way. We invest in them, we work at them and we sometimes sacrifice for them. Perhaps people have a tough time with relationships because they don’t look at it this way … their expectation is that relationships just happen. The best relationships come through hard work and an investment … and they also bring the most satisfaction.

It has been said that anything worth having is worth working for … and sometimes I think we forget that.

We all need a little “down time” every now and then. We need time to recharge the batteries and to let the every day stress fall away. As a society we tend to suggest that “stress” is a bad thing, but really it is dealing with the stresses in our lives that helps us to grow, that provides us with our most valuable experiences and in the end defines the person that we become.

We ARE the product of our experiences … get out there and EXPERIENCE as much as possible. Don’t back away from challenges because they might be tough, don’t be afraid of failure … the only thing to be wary of is not trying!

“Anything in life worth having is worth working for.”  Andrew Carnegie

Wishing for the “easy life” is like wishing your life away … is that what you really want?