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As 2009 Winds Down its Time to Think About 2010

Around this time each year I start to prepare for my personal goal setting.

First I look at how I have done against my goals in the last year ... I make excuses for those things at which I didn't do so well, but I am also honest with myself about where I could have done better.

I re-evaluate whether those things I am measuring are really the right things to measure ... where is my best return? What is most important to me? I have written down my process before, but thought it might be timely to revisit it. Here is how I flesh out MY goals ...

Step 1.

I develop categories that work for me ...

- Health and Fitness
- Vacation
- Career
- Family
- Training/Education

Step 2.

I set at least one goal for each category, several goals in some categories. Here are some examples ...

Under health and fitness you might want to lose 5lb by March 2007; you might want to add weights into your workout routine at least twice a week; you might plan to reduce coffee consumption to 2 per day. Etc.

Under Vacation you should really give some thought about where you would like to go this year. It could be to enjoy the cottage at least 12 weekends, or plan a weekend getaway without the kids; or take a 2 week vacation somewhere exotic etc.

Under Career you might set a goal of mastering certain aspects of your current role by the Fall; having a career planning meeting with your boss or HR; or developing a training plan to advance your career.

The goals that you pick need to be achievable and within your control. This way you will see progress and as you do progress you can always add more goals or increase the "intensity".

Step 3. Plan into your calendar a monthly review. At that review you will check your progress against each goal and will create action items to address them ... which will go onto your "to do" list (of course you have a "to do" list!).

This is just the way that I do things, but the most important thing is to actually DO SOMETHING. The POWER of setting goals is only understood once you have done it. To be able to look back at achievements is powerful, but when you actually set out to reach those "goals" you have a much better chance of getting there.

Now is the time ... Just Do It!