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Challenging the Norms

Every now and then I ponder about why thing are "the way they are" ... because, as a society we are sometimes just a little too accepting of the status-quo.

Here are a couple for you ...

1. Why is that the government decides how big government is? Isn't that a conflict of interest? The "public service" is paid for by the taxes generated in the private sector, yet government just gets bigger and we don't seem to have any say.

For example ... between the years 2000 and 2006 the Federal Government's in-house computer ranks grew from about 8,000 people to some 18,000 (CATA research). I have no reason to believe their ranks have shrunk.

Why is that a problem? Because government workers do not contribute to Canada's GDP and because engaging Canadian industry to do the work of those in-house people would have helped establish/grow Canadian businesses to contribute to the economy in so many other ways.

2. Canada's forces are deployed in harm's way around the world, currently it is Afghanistan, but it has been Bosnia, Rwanda, Korea and the great wars etc.. It is our youngest and fittest who go off to battle, and who die in far away places.

Does it always need to be that way? Many of those injured and killed in modern day engagements have been driving vehicles ... do you need to be 20 years old to drive, or could a fit 50 year old do a similar job? Would we rather lose those young men or the old "farts" like me? I know where my vote lies.

3. In our society we have a safety net that provides an income to those who can't provide for themselves for whatever reason. That money comes from the taxes paid by the other members of society that are going to work every day.

Why can't those receiving "free" money be expected to work for it? It is normal to expect a return for an investment in our world, so why not expect something for the welfare money paid. Just perhaps if the work wasn't so pleasant it might encourage people to be a little more committed o finding employment if it exists. Worst case the tax payer might get services that currently are not provided or that are short changed.

Of course such thinking would be absolutely foreign to our Provincial government led by Comrade McGuinty. Now how did I get to mention him again? :-)

I'll leave my heresy stand at that for now ... maybe I'll rattle cages again in a few weeks.