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Confident in Your Abilities AND Capable, thats Good!!

Have you ever hired someone ... they were confident in their abilities came across as knowledgeable and well able to meet your requirements? But they bombed, and pretty soon you are wondering how did I manage to get "snowed"?

Maybe you have dealt with people who seem so good, but who under-deliver ... the receptionist who just seems so efficient, but your message was never received; the personal assistant who was so accommodating on setting up your meeting but when you arrive no-one is expecting you; the salesperson who assures you of their product/company capabilities only for you to find out differently.

I have my own theory about ONE way that this happens. As a society we are very impressed by confidence ... a person who is confident in their abilities exudes a capability and yet they may not actually have that capability! In fact my impression is that our schools work very hard to turn out confident young people ... in fact self esteem seems almost more important than capability!

So ... I too am impressed by confidence, but I am even more impressed by capability.

a. It is important in the hiring process to be "analytical" about the skills you are looking for and not be "snowed" by personality.
b. When dealing with new people who seem capable try to anticipate the potentials for error where you can ... and set your expectations appropriately. If my expectations are exceeded I am happy ... if they are not met then I am not happy and I get another blog topic!

If I were to characterize the 4 potential types of people it might look like this ...

1. Confident in their abilities AND Capable ... these are great people to hire.
2. Not Confident in their abilities and Capable ... typically these are great people to hire, and perhaps their confidence can be improved.
3. Not Confident in their abilities and Not Capable ... at least they know! It is possible these could be entry level people with future potential.
4. Confident in their abilities and Not Capable ... don't touch!!!!