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Friday Evening Wind Down ...

Personally I think that Friday evenings are "dangerous" for me. Typically, by the time that the work week is done I am mentally very tired, the stress levels are a little high and that can mean a few different kind of evenings can ensue ...

1. Friday evening events can be ... entertaining (?). Take last Friday for instance, tired and hungry I set out with my wife to attend a party at a friends house. It was one of those parties where the wine glass never seemed to empty ... and I didn't eat a lot, and I was a little tense so the wine went down well. The alcohol probably acted fast, and before I knew it my mouth was "motoring" faster than the brain and there wasn't anything I didn't know (you know the type - right?). I'm not shy at the best of times ... but an alcohol fueled Kevin can be just a tad "loud"! Good job I had a designated driver ... OOPS!

2. Friday evenings can also be extra "quiet". We sometimes elect to just "chill" for a Friday evening. Maybe we'll open a bottle of wine, have something easy to make, perhaps even order in a pizza. before you know it I'm mellow, mellow, mellow and really not much company at all. The eyes are droopy and conversations are not really very scintillating!

3. The best Friday evenings are a mix of company, not too much alcohol and perhaps some fresh air and exercise. A walk with the dog on a brisk Ottawa Winter evening is a great way to wake up ... but when you hit the warmth at home, it doesn't last too long. Good company, good conversation and not too much alcohol makes Friday evenings more comfortable.

So back to that comment about Friday evenings being an adventure ... I'm a planner (lots of blog entries about planning, setting goals etc) but life is about balance, compromise and not being totally consumed by work and structure. This evening could be adventurous ... we are going to another party but just maybe I'll behave myself tonight.

I don't think any other evening has quite the same effect on me ... but maybe I'm just too close to the "subject"!

As a blogger I like to give people an idea about who I am, I think it lets people see that CEOs are really not much different than anyone else ... we just like to think we are big shots :-)

Have a great weekend!