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Happy Holidays and Have a Super 2010!

I am going to take some time off over the holidays this year, and might not even blog during that

In January I will reach my 4th year anniversary of blogging and this post is my 834th so I am averaging close to 18 blog entries a month ... pretty consistent I think!

I hope that everyone reading this gets the opportunity to enjoy some down time over this next week or so, spend time with loved ones, give a little back to those who need some help and generally have time to recharge the batteries.

I really believe that 2010 is going to be a good year ... the economy will pick up, we will get back to full employment and the stronger economics will mean we can make a dent in some of those social issues that need to be addressed ... such as homelessness.

For all of you I wish only the best for 2010 ... may it be your best EVER!