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How to Get a Job

One of my industry colleagues likes to explain this process ... because in essence it is really quite simple.

There are only 3 ways to get a job ...

1. You go out and find one yourself.
2. You get one through the government programs ... good luck if you are looking for something at a professional level (Note: I am not talking about applying to the Government. I am talking about government programs that help people find jobs).
3. You get one through the STAFFING INDUSTRY.

Let's talk about applying yourself ...

  • You don't necessarily know who is hiring, many companies don't advertise their jobs.

  • You likely won't have any inside knowledge of the environment, so you apply cold.

  • You will likely be one of many applicants.

  • If you are successful there is a good chance that you could have found something better, but you won't ever know it.

  • It IS a good way to get a job, if you can find one.

How about getting a job through a government program ... I don't have much to say about this because I don't see it working too much.

OK then what about Staffing Companies ...

  • They have the inside track on available jobs

  • There is a full range of services from Executive search, through to temporary engagements.

  • Their core business is finding work for people and people for the work.

There really is NO EASY way to find a job, but Staffing companies provide an important service to the economy, increase your chances of becoming employed and I am proud of this industry!