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How To Succeed in Twenty-Ten

Yesterday I blogged about going into 2010 with optimism and a positive attitude.

Sometimes it is difficult for people to translate statements like that into actions. What does it mean, with out being trite, in real terms.

Here are some thoughts for twenty-ten ...

The pace of change in the twenty-first century is accelerating even faster than the change in the last century ... which saw the introduction of cars, televisions, computers, the internet etc.

What worked twenty years ago is highly unlikely to work today, and certainly will not be working tomorrow!

If you are not reinventing yourself and/or your business on a regular basis then you will be left behind.


This is exciting!
This means opportunity!
This means living!
Accept that everything is changing ... its just a fact.

If everything is changing then how can you be relevant tomorrow.

Invest in yourself ... read, understand what is going on around you, network with interesting people.
Look for ways to bring value to others ... it is personally rewarding (it just feels good) and it is the best way to ensure your own success!

What do you know about web 2.0? Find out ... it will change your world.
Do not assume that job security comes from working for the same big company for a long time ... job security comes from what you know and how valuable that is to somebody.
What do you know about biotech? Find out ... it will change your world.
Become a life-long scholar ... more than ever it is "knowledge" that will ensure success.
What do you know about globalization? Find out ... it is changing your world and will continue to do so.

If you have prejudices (we all do ... they are inbred from birth) learn to understand that you have them and then overcome them.

Here are some thoughts for you ...

What do you think about the car company Hyundai? If you are a boomer (like me) you might think cheap, low quality clunkers. Reality ... they are the fastest growing major car maker and JD Power ranked them number 3 or 4 car in the world for quality, plus their latest sedan will challenge Mercedes and BMW at a significantly lower price point.

When you think of global superpowers do you think of Russia or do you think of India? Its not too many years ago the answer would have been Russia, but not any more! What about China?

Twenty-ten will continue to see change accelerate and you can try to hold back the inevitable OR you can find ways to be a part of that future.

I'm excited ... what about you?