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Looking Forward

Its a new year ... its even a new decade. If ever there is a time for optimism and to adopt a positive attitude it is now!

We have been through one of the worst economic periods in living memory ... but there is cause for optimism.

The media tends to focus on the negatives in the world ... and there are plenty of naysayers to jump on the bandwagon, and fuel the negative attitudes. It is always the whiners and complainers who get the most air time ... and we can all tend to get swept along.

Here are some thoughts ...

There are SO MANY things to be thankful for, try to focus on those.

In October 2008 I wrote a blog entry about the Little Things in Life that can mean so much!

In November 2008 I wrote a blog entry called Look for the Positives.

A month after that blog entry I had a small blog entry ... Don't Worry be Happy.

Let's charge forward in Twenty-ten with a focus on the positives!