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Best Places for Business Meetings

A recent Robert Half survey of 1,400 Finance Executives (not salespeople) asked the question "Other than in the office, what was the location of your most successful business meeting ever?" Here is what they said ...

>restaurant (36%)
> trade show or conference (25%)
> sporting event (4%)
>golf course (3%)
> in a car (1%)
> on a trip/plane (1%)
> nowhere else (24%), and
> other/don't know/refused (4%).

An interesting result I thought ... I have long been of the impression that a good breakfast/lunch/dinner conversation can be as (or more) effective as a round of golf, and much more productive (amount of time invested).

Not a popular opinion, and I'll never change the minds of the golf lovers who will always come up with reasons to take prime work hours and spend them on a golf course!

I think the favorite line is "You can't beat 4 hours of one-on-one time with a client on the golf course". I beg to differ ... AND it is never 4 hours, if its a tournament it can be all day, at a minimum its 6 hours with travel etc. That is a big investment of time!

Back in August 2006 I wrote a blog entry called Golf ... Business Tool or Boondoggle. I haven't changed my mind.