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For some people a commitment is like a sacred trust ... if they commit, then they will move heaven and earth to deliver. I LOVE those people.

For others a commitment is something that does not have such a strong connotation ... maybe they will live up to their commitment and maybe they won't. Those people ... not so much love!

Here are some things to remember about commitments ...

1. If you make a promise then generally people are counting on you to deliver.
2. If you deliver on your promise then you have built credibility.
3. You can build credibility by delivering even on small commitments ... I will pick up coffee for you tomorrow morning! I will send you an email response, one way or another, by end of day tomorrow! I will show up to our son's hockey practice! ALL easy to "deliver on" and ALL build credibility.
4. When you make a promise and just don't deliver, then you lose credibility AND get labelled as someone who can't be trusted.
5. It is possible to not deliver, for good reasons and mitigate the "fallout". You try really hard to meet your commitment; you give fair warning that things might not work out; you are contrite. Then you might not get labelled as untrustworthy BUT you still lose credibility!
6. Remember that you can build credibility by making small commitments and delivering ... so you can recover from #5, but you need to want to recover.

Commitment is a great way for sales people to build credibility with clients.

Commitment is a great way for people to build credibility with friends and colleagues.

Commitment is a great way for people to build a career.

None of this is rocket science ... in fact it is very easy.

Having said that, so many people make commitments, don't deliver ... and seemingly don't care. They are not nice people. They are not people that you want on your team. They are not people you want as friends.

Which type are you?