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If you watch any of the the 2010 Winter Olympics then you can't help but experience what passion looks like. Part of the wikipedia description for passion says it is ... an intense emotion, compelling feeling, enthusiasm, or desire for something.

Hockey (ice hockey to people outside Canada) could be described as a passion for Canadians.

It can also be said that passion can quite often be the cause of a team winning or losing. A couple of nights a go the Canadian hockey team was beaten the the USA team ... and my feeling was that the Americans wanted that win even more than the Canadians. That extra passion came through in their attitude, their will to win and was embodied by their final goal by Ryan Kesler who outworked the Canadian defence man and, against the odds, scored.

Last night the Canadians played the Russian team. The Russians were said by many to be a favorite for the gold medal, but the Canadian team came out with more passion. They left no doubt about their desire to win this game and in the end a famous victory for Canada.

So what?

Passion can be the difference between winning and losing ... I don't think I'd get much argument there. A few years back I blogged about passion, and how it can change your life, make you feel more alive and energize you!

However in everyday life we don't necessarily need to demonstrate the level of commitment and desire evidenced by Olympians, all we need to do is to demonstrate desire and commitment above that of our competitor!

In the staffing business we often win or lose based upon the attitude of our staff ...

the recruiter who stays a little late to find that great candidate for our client;
the salesperson who goes out of his way to drop off those resumes late on a Friday afternoon or early in the morning, because its important to our client;
the recruiter who builds good relationships because they care about people ... and it shows;
the salesperson who clients always go to first because they know she will deliver;
the team that never gives up before finding just that right person for our clients.

Passion is an emotion that is shown in lots of ways ... a great attitude, a commitment to quality, caring and a desire to do a good job are some of the obvious everyday ways that we see passion.

Winners have passion ... whether its at the Olympics or every day as we do our jobs. Everyone should be able to muster some level of passion for the thing they spend 8 hours doing every day!

Are you a winner?