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Ten Attributes of a Super Successful Sales Person

I saw a post on the CPSALinkedIn page where someone was trying to come up with a list of attributes that would define a successful salesperson. I thought I'd generate my own thoughts on the subject ... here is what I think.

1. A strong work ethic ... focuses on work during the work day (not cooler chat or personal stuff) and works a little longer than the competition!
2. Empathy for people ... likes to listen, wants to hear.
3. Excellent communication skills ... written and verbal.
4. An interesting person ... well read on a variety of subjects, reads a lot.
5. Self motivated ... requiring very little pushing to achieve success.
6. Ability to accept rejection and not get de-motivated.
7. Excellent organizational skills.
8. Plans and sets goals.
9. Wants to learn and keep learning ... about the product/service they sell, about the way clients use those services, about selling, about their industry, about everything.
10. An ability to focus all of these skills where they will generate the best return ... doesn't get side-tracked by time wasters, low return projects etc.