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Spring Renewal?

Is it too early to suggest that Spring is coming? I am in Toronto this week and the temperatures are mild, the snow is melting and we have even see the sun!

Winter in Canada is always such a long, seemingly never-ending season requiring layers of clothes, big boots, dashes from home to car, from car to work ... perhaps interspersed with the occasional trip to a ski hill or the occasional trouncing of the Americans in hockey (I can't believe I actually said that)!

I was outside in just my jacket this afternoon and it felt like a weight was lifted. No big boots, just regular shoes, the sun was out and it felt very Springlike. Whether Spring is here or not, it will be here soon ... and Spring is a time of renewal. We do our "Spring cleaning", plant crops for the new season and the animals get busy procreating!

As human beings we can take advantage of that "lift" we get with the changing seasons and renew ourselves, and our lives. We can take a little time to see how this year's goals are shaping up ... or maybe even develop some goals if that hasn't happened yet.

Spring is a great time to take stock of what is important to us and put together some plans to change things up a little ... maybe plan a trip, add some education, plan a career change or just recommit to a plan that has fallen off the tracks.

Here are a couple of previous blog entries that might give you some ideas:

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People often get turned off Goals because they think it is hard, or formal or maybe too prescriptive ... Goals DO have a positive affect and they don't need to be complex.

Give it a try ... change your life!