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The Joys of Management


Some thoughts about management.

New managers often get very little training before jumping into the management position. They suddenly become the boss and will focus on the parts of the job they are naturally good at … and skim everything else. Disaster waiting to happen!

Many people mistakenly aspire to become managers, assuming that this is what they should do. In fact to be a “master craftsman” at your chosen profession can be a very rewarding way to spend a career.

The “tough aspects” of the management role tend to get glossed over when people talk about management.

When I look back at managers I had in my past, the best ones had some traits that stood out:

They truly listened… they let me say my piece AND they considered that input before giving me the answer.

They were humble enough to know they didn’t have all the answers.

They were empathetic… they understood my pain.

They were consistent.

Their work ethic was strong … they worked as hard as I did.

They made tough decisions… they took in the facts, made the call.

They were the boss… they didn’t try to be my friend, and I respected that.

“Effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked; leadership is defined by results not attributes.” Peter Drucker

When YOU are the boss it doesn’t feel as easy as those good bosses made it look … but YOU need to cultivate that capability if you want to be respected as the boss.