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What Do You Want From Life?

Linda Ellis is a writer and poet who wrote a poem called The Dash ... and there is a short inspirational movie of the same name. The poem talks of a man reciting the eulogy of a friend. The Dash is the hyphen between the person's birth date and the date of their death and "the dash" has come to represent all that we do with our lives. The poem is intended to remind you about what is truly important in life.

Have you thought about what is important to you lately?

Some time ago I wrote a blog entry that asked that old question "How Do You Want to be Remembered"? I think it is worth a read ... if only to get you thinking.

I have written a number of entries that could relate to this subject, mostly around the subject of personal responsibility ... and one was called "We Are Responsible for Ourselves". That entry was designed to get people to stop looking at what was wrong in their lives ... but rather to take charge and make good things happen!

The plain fact is that we all arrive here the same way ... and some time later we leave this life. Mostly we don't know when the second date will arrive.

In between, (the Dash), we have the opportunity to make an impact, to do positive things, to learn and grow, to create, to help others, to be a positive role model, to contribute and to build a meaningful and full life. We have the opportunity to conquer fears, to overcome obstacles, to battle through adversity and be proud of our achievements.

Many people will not achieve their potential ... they will not stretch themselves or help others, they will avoid challenges and just try to "get by".

What kind of life do you want?