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Common Courtesy

Common courtesy is a phrase I don't hear very much these days, and yet it is common courtesy that in many ways defines the "civility" of our civilization.

There are many ways to demonstrate common courtesy and I have written relevant blog entries in the past. For instance I wrote a blog in June 2007 ... Say Please and Thank You. Certainly those are words that most of us appreciate and yet many people just don't bother ... what's up with that?

I wrote a blog entry last year entitled Thoughtfulness ... which again is something that I think everyone appreciates as a recipient, but many of us forget to practice. Yet it is one of the things that makes everyday life better.

A couple of months ago I wrote an entry about Nice People ... and how nice people really are good to be around, yet the label "nice" can sometimes be interpreted as boring, which is a little unfair.

Nice people, thoughtful people, the kind of people who say please and thank you are typically people who practice common courtesy. They will try to put themselves in the shoes of the "other person" and treat them the way they would like to be treated.

It doesn't take much to treat people well"

> Set the right expectations about any time of communication;
> treat them respectfully;
> be honest with them;
> treat them fairly;
> be thoughtful;
> say please and thank you; and
> treat them like you would reasonably want to be treated.

There that wasn't so hard was it?

If we all operated in that manner it would be a nicer world.