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It has been a while since I blogged on this topic, so I thought it was timely to revisit.

Almost three years ago the blog entry was called When You Need a Friend… and the title is pretty self explanatory. It is when you are in need that you find out who your real friends are. The little twist I threw in was that it can apply equally to individuals as to companies … because each is in need of a friend at various times.

Late in 2008 I wrote a blog entry entitled Friendship… which talked about the value of friendship, the need to nurture friendships and the fact that as a business owner focused on the needs of building and growing a business I have probably neglected that investment needed to develop lasting friendships.

Here we are in 2010 and things have changed a little for me. We are now empty nesters, which theoretically gives us more time to work on friendships. We have done some more of that, but we have also travelled more which makes it hard to plan “get togethers”. Overall I would say that we are getting better but still a work in progress:-)

Its also funny that as you get older you think a little more about this subject. I don’t think I’m old (although there are probably more than a few who might argue that point) but good friends are a valuable commodity and they become more valuable with the passing of time.

Like anything in life the more you put into a relationship the more you will get back. We know a lot of people through various means, business, soccer, hockey etc but typically they are busy, just like us … so its hard to make the time necessary to build lasting friendships. There are some who make an effort, which makes it easier to reciprocate which is how any relationship builds. When the effort is more on one side the relationship (friendship or more) is probably not destined to work out in the long term.

I am grateful for the friends I have, and the friends that Eagle has … we will keep working at those relationships AND at adding more!

Do you give as much as you get from you friends?