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Keeping it Real

Back in July 2008 I wrote a blog entry called Never Give Up ... with the idea that we all face challenges, and sometimes they feel insurmountable, but if you have hope and keep battling then you will get through it.

In that blog entry I reference a song by a reggae artist (Shaggy) and the song is called Hope.

Its funny that the same reggae artist has a song called Keeping it Real, and while its premise is around the dreams young people have of growing up with what used to be called "the American Dream", it just isn't going to be there for everyone ... so its important to temper your dreams with a touch of reality.

These two sentiments might at face value seem to be in contrast, but in fact they are both relevant.

It is dreams and hope that will give you a picture of something to strive for ... in business terms we call that the "vision". This is the company that we want to be, and for individuals it might be a "vision" of the life they would like to have. It might also be a vision of a company they would like to start.

However the vision (or dream) is just the starting point! In order to reach that dream you need a plan, and that plan needs to be "REAL" ... it needs to have actionable tasks that will get you to where you want to be.

Over the years I have met many budding entrepreneurs who have a dream and ambition, and many of them set off on that journey to reach their dream. The statistics on failed companies would support me when I say its not that easy.

Reaching any dream requires hard work, drive, enthusiasm, commitment ... AND a sense of reality.

You need to understand what the price is to reach your dream. You need to understand how you will pay that price and you have to believe that the return on that investment is worth the pain.

Many budding entrepreneurs recognize at some point in their journey that their plan was not as good as they thought, their dream was not as easily attained as they thought or they just did not want to make as many sacrifices as they needed in order to reach their dream.

Others had an attainable dream, a realistic plan and the resilience to keep going through all of the ups and owns along the way.

If you have a dream ... whether it is in business or otherwise, remember to keep it real! just like Shaggy says!!!