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Sometimes Change Happens!!!!!

Every now and then I write about "change" ... its topical, its here and it affects everyone.

Last time I focused on the subject of change was October last year when I wrote an entry called Change ... and You! In that blog I talked about how people generally react to change, and the various levels of change that can affect us form the small to the large.

Can you imagine what is going on in Poland right now?

One plane crash on the weekend killed the President of Poland and 95 other people, including many influential members of the Polish government. Now THAT is forcing change on a country.

It makes the case of "succession planning" a no brainer! Did they have a contingency plan do you think?

The story is reminiscent of the Tom Clancy novel "Executive Orders" where the President of the United States and many of his cabinet are killed. Lucky for them they had Jack Ryan to lead them through chaos! Lets hope, despite the inevitable rumours, that there are no conspiracies uncovered behind this tragedy!

There are some lessons to take away from this tragedy ...

1. You can't plan for everything ... things will happen!
2. You need to have succession plans.
3. There are implications to every decision ...
> in Poland a decision was made not to upgrade the Presidential plane, was that a factor?
> the president chose to travel with his whole party in one plane ... many companies don't allow that, so should countries allow it?
> many of the people who died in that crash were at the top of their profession ... would they have had regrets about their life? I doubt it, they achieved great things in their lives. Would you have regrets about how you have lived your life if you died in a plane crash tomorrow?

How Poland reacts to this tragedy will also provide some lessons, and I expect they will draw upon their experiences to help them to cope.

A tragedy thousands of miles away sent a ripple around the world and leaders of all countries will be watching, attending the funerals and providing any help they can.

I don't know enough about the region these days to understand what good might come from this tragedy, but hopefully Poland recovers and these deaths will prove to bring some long term benefit ... even if it is only a slightly stronger relationship with countries offering support.

Sometimes you have no control over change ... she just shows up at your door!!!