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The Client is NOT Always Right

Ya I know ... now I'm probably going to upset all my clients and go out of business!!!

Bear with me here ... if, as a staffing company, my core business is finding the right talent at the right time for a good price then I would expect that I can bring REAL value to my client.

One of the things that often happens in any business, and very often in ours, is that our client tells us what they want to happen ... and we are expected to just "do it".

IF we am good at what we do (and I think we are) and we just do what we are told, rather than what we think we should be doing then we are really not bringing true value to our client.

Think about that ...

The REAL value I can bring to the table is helping our clients to develop a strategic approach to getting the people they need. Sure I can get them bodies, and too often that is all we do ... BUT we can do so much more.

It is the same in almost every industry, particularly service industries ... companies just do what they are told, or do what they have always done ... yet they could be so much more effective if they would apply their core knowledge and come up with new and innovative ways to help their clients.

One problem is that clients often don't want to listen ... and an even bigger problem is that we suppliers don't find ways to get the message across that they could get so much more, if they would step back and listen.

Another problem is that sometimes a progressive client wants us to get innovative ... and we are not ready!

An interesting challenge in a time of great change AND great opportunity.

Are YOU up for it?