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Changing Your Life

What three things could you do that would improve your life?

That's an interesting question ... maybe you should give it some thought, because it sounds like a BIG DEAL but really it is within all of us to achieve.

Here are some ideas ...

1. Health ... what would you like to do for your health?

Lose some weight? Get fitter? Take up a sport? Build some muscle? Stretch more?

2. Knowledge/Education ...

Learn a new language? Take a course? Read a book ... or just read regularly?

3. Relationships ...

Find a partner? Find new friends? Strengthen friendships?

4. Work/Career
5. Leisure/Hobbies

You could take every aspect of your life and decide to change one thing. All you need is a plan and then to take action and you can change your life.

Start slow .. pick just ONE thing, make a plan and then ACT! Its really not very difficult to change things one step at a time.