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Ego ... and Age!

Occasionally I blog about life as a CEO ... and try to give insight into how CEOs think. I know as a new salesperson I was a little intimidated talking to very senior executives, so the intent of these entries is to "demystify" people at the "C" level a little. In actual fact we are just humans too!

If you need more proof, read on ...

Have you ever read Tuesday's with Morrie by Mitch Albom? It is a great book, an easy read, and among its many messages is the understanding that we can get quality from our lives even under circumstances that previously we could not have envisioned! It's a book about the meaning of life ... and of how to live!

Part of that lesson is an acceptance of the aging process, and the inevitable fact that as we get older our body starts to wear out ... and not evenly! Some bits go first!

Yeah ... I know, you don't need to hear all the gory details, and I'm not there yet so don't worry!

I'm "in my fifties", I had to give up soccer a couple of years ago because of the pain in my knee after 40 plus years of throwing myself into this competitive sport. I could probably go and get some surgery and play again, but surgery isn't appealing, I can still "work out' and I enjoyed the game for a long time ... so "I'm all good"!

WELL ... last year I moved from the suburbs and now live downtown, and walk to work, which is good exercise to supplement my "gym" time (saves on mileage on the car too). A few months back we got a dog and I get to walk with the dog once or twice a day in addition to my walks to work, and my "gym time" ... all good! Or at least it should be all good ... except for that earlier statement about bits wearing out!

So now I'm struggling with the concept of "acceptance" (and ego?) ... I'm supposed to wear sneakers (running shoes) to walk to work! What's up with that?

If I think about it logically ... (a) I could buy black running shoes that don't stand out so much; (b) its not like we are talking about the incontinence problems Morrie was having in Mitch Albom's book; (c) I blog often about accepting the things you cannot change; (d) I should have learned the lessons from Albom's book and focus on the good things in life.

But really ... sneakers with my suit!!!!