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How NIMBLE is YOUR Corporate Hiring Process?

The Staffing and Recruitment business is a VERY high paced, demanding and competitive business. Perhaps that is just the reality for many businesses in this high paced, demanding and competitive world we live in today.

The internet age ensures that communication is instantaneous, with tweets, texts, blogs, wikis and Facebook posts happening in almost real time. You can see it happening all around you, its not just teens walking down the street texting ... it's everyone! Its not just young people with Facebook pages its everyone AND their corporations because Facebook is becoming one of the newest and fastest growing sources of recruiting, in addition to being the social conveyor for all post work activities!

But I digress ... my point today is that we live in a world that is incredibly fast paced ... so why is it that SOME clients just don't understand the urgency around the hiring process?

We see it time and again ... the client absolutely needs a critical resource, with a "hard to find" skill set. We find some great candidates and the client is extremely pleased. They now proceed to put them through the "corporate hiring process". The first interview is scheduled for next Monday, the second third and fourth interviews fall into line behind each other, and happen ONLY if the previous step is passed.

Invariably the candidate never makes it to step number five because they have received three offers from more nimble companies in the meantime!

Now the client is mad at us because they really wanted that candidate and they are no longer available! No kidding!

Also WE are not at all happy with our client and FRANKLY the next time they want one of those CRITICAL resources we are inclined to make it a lower priority because we do all of the work with no return. I guess that's why the executive search firms work on retainer!

What is the answer?

It is a fact ... the world today is different than it was even two years ago.

If you do not have a fast, clean and efficient process to get new hires in the door AND welcomed appropriately then you will lose them.

Here are some steps to take:

i. Create a comprehensive checklist UP FRONT before the recruiting process starts.
ii. Identify which of the listed criteria are mandatory and which are desirable ... be brutally honest and be as flexible as you can.
iii. Assume that anyone who makes it past that checklist is "hirable".
iv. Get EVERYONE needed to make a decision in the same place at the same time and run the candidates through your own hiring interview conveyer belt.
v. Make a job offer on the spot.

The costs of making a mistake after this process are no greater than making a mistake using the old process ... HOWEVER this way you have a chance to actually hire someone, PLUS you send a message to the outside world that yours is a progressive company.

Perhaps John Cotter's book A Sense of Urgency, about change management and the proactive approach to change, would be good reading for these types of clients

PS. Don't forget that comprehensive on-boarding strategy that ensures everyone feels like a part of the team from the minute they walk through the door.
Hint: Throwing the policy and procedures manual at them is not very impressive!