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The Importance of Client Meetings

I am always telling salespeople that they need to be in front of their clients.

The following are just a few reasons why salespeople need to be meeting with their clients regularly

1. You don’t know their current needs if you are not meeting with them.
2. You can’t tell your clients about your product or service if you are not meeting with them.
3. It takes at least 7 meetings to START to build a relationship. (That could take months!)
4. If your competition are meeting, and you are not, then they WILL be top of mind.
5. You will learn about the market in general by being out of the office … you will NOT learn about what is going on sitting at your desk.
6. Waiting for the phone to ring has never been a good sales strategy.
7. Your NEXT opportunity (and the one after that etc.) will come from the work done now… if you wait to start that process you push out the end result.

Sales people will often give reasons why they can’t be meeting clients. Some examples …

1. You have a proposal to write, it involves a lot of work so you stay in the office writing and reading etc. See the list above!
2. You have “paperwork” to get done. See the list above!
3. You don’t have anything to talk about. See the list above!

Do you spot a pattern here?

If you are NEW to sales then it is doubly important to be meeting people because everyone else has a head start on you … but don’t worry because so many salespeople find reasons NOT to visit that you will have no trouble building relationships with THEIR clients!

How do you as a salesperson manage to do this?

Easy …every day spend a few minutes setting up meetings, as far into the future as you like. Try to get at least one client meeting EVERY day, preferably two or three (depending upon the type of business you are in), the more the better. (I make the gross assumption here that these will be productive meetings … but I guess that is another blog topic).

Fit EVERYTHING ELSE around these meetings.