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The Power of TO DO Lists!

I have blogged many times about time management … or as a sometimes refer to it, personal productivity (because people tell me time just happens, you can’t MANAGE it).

Some of the blog entries I have written are worth a visit …

Back in September 2006 I wrote Ten Practical Tips to Manage Time. Interestingly enough the first tip related to “TO DO Lists”, the focus of this blog entry.

In January 2008 I did focus on “TO DO Lists” with an entry called Ten Tips for Effective TO DO Lists. You can see I am a big fan of these.

In June 2009 I provided Ten Time Management Tips…again designed to help you to be more effective.

In September 2009 the blog entry was just called TIME and again talked about some peculiarities of getting everything done, that you need to get done!

So … here are some thoughts.

> IF you can be very effective, then you can get your work done in less time … that means more time for you.
> IF you can be very effective then you can achieve more … which might mean promotions, more income just retain your job above everyone else … or any number of good things.
> IF you can be effective then you can do more with your “personal time”.

Here are just 10 things that can you do with a To Do List.

  1. You organize your thoughts so you don’t have to think about it … leaving your mind to focus on the “doing” rather than the organizing.

  2. You have a handy reference for any time you have a spare moment.

  3. You can prioritize your work AND your personal activities for maximum gain.

  4. You can ensure that ALL of your projects keep moving along … that could be every sales opportunity, your vacation planning, your education needs, your social schedule etc.

  5. You can match your energy level to the task at hand … if you are pumped and rearing to go then tackle the bigger, tougher projects. If you are a little down, low energy or just tired them knock off some of the easier tasks.

  6. Every time you cross another item off your list you can reward yourself, or just feel good about progress.

  7. You can keep it with you to capture ideas as they pop into your head.

  8. You can use it to get better at managing time by reviewing how you performed over the last week or month etc.

  9. You can use it to demonstrate why you don’t have time for another project … or to get input about where the new project should fall in your priority list.

  10. You can use it when people interrupt you … “sorry can’t chat right now, have you seen my to-do list!”

If there is ONE thing you can do to (a) improve your organizational skills, and (b) be more productive, it is to create and use a “TO DO List”.