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The Value of an Industry Conference

Once again I am at the ACSESS conference, Canada's staffing industry sharing best practices, networking and hearing about the great things happening across our industry. It is an opportunity to show solidarity, to learn and to understand how we can all be better.

On Monday we will all be back in our offices trying to grow our businesses, competing and relishing the times that we beat out our competitor. The same competitors that this week we are drinking beer with, watching the Montreal Canadiens beat Pittsburgh in the Stanley cup.

Some people find it a little strange, but really it is the way all mature industries operate. By working together to develop codes of conduct, establishing best practices and providing guidance and training for our members we all get better. A credible industry can work with governments to help meet their goals and to ensure that policies developed work in the real world. A mature industry grows, provides employment and value to the economy in addition to supporting the communities in which it operates.

I have written many times about the value of industry associations ... in 2006 I wrote about their value in one of my first blog entries.

I have also taken a shot at those who don't "get with the program" and support their industry ... in June last year I wrote about Freeloaders in Canada's Staffing Industry.

A month later I wrote about why I am proud of this industry and referenced the industry association's president, Steve Jones.

So, once again I am here to show my support, to learn from my peers and to network with my competitors. I can tell you it is much easier to have those competitor to competitor conversations when a relationship exists!

If you have been thinking about joining your industry association ... do it!

If you have been wondering if there is value in industry conferences ... just go, you'll see value!