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Are You Easy to Work With?

Please let me buy your product or service? How often do you hear clients saying THAT?

Sounds ridiculous don't you think? BUT ... it appears that this must be more common than you would think. Let me tell you a couple of stories:

Story #1. Most months for probably two years now, I get a call from a sales person who works for a software company. He is very persistent without being obnoxious and he keeps in touch with the hope that some day we may go from "prospect" to "customer". I don't actually talk to him every month, in fact its probably more like every three months that either he catches me live or I call him back.

So ... he called yesterday, I called back today.

Here is how the call went ...
"This is XYZ company, how can I help you?"
" Hi ... can I speak to Joe Blow please?"
"Can I get your name and company?"
"Mr. Blow likes to screen his calls"
" Mr. Blow is a sales guy ... doesn't he want to talk with potential customers?"
"Mr. Blow likes to screen his calls"
"OK I guess I'll pass thanks." And I hung up.

Perhaps I was being unreasonable ... or perhaps my expectation was that a salesperson should WANT to talk with people who are calling him.

"Please Joe can I buy from you?"

Story #2. Our company wanted to do a technology upgrade, it meant buying probably 80 or so desktops and a few notebooks. Our tech team identified a shortlist of potential suppliers and we wanted pricing from them to be able to make our final decision.

We got our pricing from two of three but we know a lot of people at the third company (a large company) and wanted to give them a shot at the business.

We phoned our contacts and they "opened doors" ... but the "doors" led to voicemail and email, that was never returned! We tried going direct through their "sales channel" ... no response.

It went on for a couple of weeks and it was last ditch pushing and a whole lot of effort that eventually found the right person who actually wanted to give us pricing. It should NOT be that hard! We shouldn't be begging to buy their "stuff".

  • You can have the best product;

  • You can have the best service;

  • You can have responsive salespeople;

  • You can have competitive pricing;

  • You can be the biggest, the best, the nicest ... BUT