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Making an Effort!

How many times do we choose NOT to do “something” because of the effort involved?

Human nature is such that it is often easier to just “pass” rather than (a) getting dressed up; (b) travelling across town; (c) squeezing the event in after another event etc.

Sometimes its just easier to go home and relax.

We ALL do that sometimes … BUT is that “the norm” for you? Is your “routine” more important than doing something different? If that is the case then you might want to reconsider your position.

We only get one go around at this life …

A good friend of mine spent time visiting a friend of his this Summer at her home in the Caribbean. He found the time (a long weekend) in his crazy schedule, made the trip and had a fabulous time. A few weeks later she died in a scuba accident! Obviously my friend was glad he “made the effort”.

Another good friend of mine took time out of his crazy schedule to take my son to dinner in Sydney last night. He has work pressures, some family health issues he is dealing with and he still MADE time to look out for his friend’s son. Do you think I don’t appreciate that/

Last night, after two very full days of management meetings in amongst a week when there is not one evening of rest and relaxation I chose to go and help a friend celebrate his upcoming marriage. He was touched that so many of us “made the effort” in nasty weather amidst our crazy schedules. HE was very touched.

There are hundreds of these stories every day … where someone makes an effort and someone benefits. When we “make an effort” it ALWAYS has a positive affect … and that feels good, whether you are the one making the effort or the one receiving that effort.

Don’t be a couch potato … get out there, MAKE THE EFFORT!

PS. If you are a salesperson and you don’t make the effort, for all those lame excuses we all use, then someone else will!