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People Judge You ... Fact!

Yes people will judge us every day and generally speaking it is not a big deal ... most times it just doesn't matter that much, good or bad.

Having said that ... in business, and in our professional lives it is a good idea to give ourselves every edge that we can. One of the ways to do that is to make a favorable impression.

Here are some things I notice (and yes, I admit it ... I JUDGE you!)

1. Common courtesy. I notice people that are rude. They are not people I will choose to associate with. How hard is it to treat people with a little courtesy? Read my blog entry from a couple of months ago about Common Courtesy.

2. Grooming. Maybe its a generational thing but I notice scuffed shoes, unkempt hair, poor shave jobs, clothes that are not pressed etc. I notice when people dress inappropriately for their role and I am impressed when people "look the part"! Check out my blog entry First Impressions ... Grooming from back in 2006!

3. Act professionally. this one is a little tough and can come easier to some people. I have written a number of blogs on the subject ... one very recent entry about Professionalism is worth a read. I also wrote a blog entry in February called How to Behave in the Workplace.

ALL of the above are important ... you can look like a million dollars but if you are unprofessional or just rude then it will work against you. None of the above is "rocket science" however there are enough people who don't seem to "get it" that this is an entry worth posting and by extension, if you are ambitious, I would suggest it is worth a read too.